Performances & Events



HERMEN: Victorian Night : READING
8:00pm, May 22nd, 2011
Leva Caffe 11053 86 Ave NW, Edmonton
Featuring: Timothy Anderson, Marco Melfi, Red Man Dan, Patrick Pilarski, and Kath MacLean.

Edmonton Poetry Festival 2011 : VISUAL SHOW
synesthesia: unframed, unbound(ed)
Apr. 29, 2011 (Latitude 53 Gallery)

Edmonton Poetry Festival 2011 : READING
Goodness, Gracious, Great Blinks of Fire
Apr. 25, 2011 (The Artery, Jasper Ave.)

League of Canadian Poets: Live and Untitled : READING
7:00pm, March 10th, 2011, The Untitled Bookshop
No. 1, 10516, Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Featuring: Jenna Butler, Jannie Edwards, Peter Midgley, Wendy Joy, Nicole Pakan, and Patrick M. Pilarski.

Poets' Haven Series : READING
Monday, Oct. 25, 2010; 7:00-9:00pm
Upper Crust Cafe, 109st & 86 Ave., Edmonton
Featuring: Audrey Brooks, Carolyn Hernandez, Rusti Lehay, Patrick Pilarski, and Marguerite Redshaw

HERMEN: Immanence Night : READING
8:00pm, September 26th, 2010
Leva Caffe 11053 86 Ave NW, Edmonton
Featuring: Daniel Poitras, Mary Pinkoski, Juniper Quinn, Patrick Pilarski, and Alice Major.

Aqua Books : READING
7:00pm, July 30th, 2010
274 Garry St.(Between Portage & Graham) Winnipeg, MB
Patrick M. Pilarski, reading with Nicole Pakan and Winnipeg's Jason Stefanik.

Found in Translation : READING
The 2010 Edmonton Poetry Festival
April 19-25, 2010 (Edmonton)

Planet Earth Poetry - The Reading Series : READING
Friday, Feb. 12, 2010; 7:30pm
The Black Stilt Coffee House, Victoria, B.C.
Readings by Patrick M. Pilarski and Kim Goldberg.
Event information.

Poets' Haven Series : READING
Monday, Oct. 26, 2009; 7:00-9:00pm
Upper Crust Cafe, 109st & 86 Ave., Edmonton
Featuring Patrick Pilarski, Myrna Garanis, Nicole Pakan, Kathie Sutherland, and Peter Taylor.

Alberta Bound: Get Your Fill (WordFest 2009) : READING
Tues., October 13, 2009; 12:00pm-1:00pm, Art Gallery of Calgary
Featuring Jonathan Ball, Jani Krulc, Patrick M. Pilarski and Samantha Warwick. An inside look at four of Filling Station's featured writers. Tickets are $8.00 – call WordFest at 403.237.9068.
Event information.

Audreys Books : READING
Friday, Sept. 25, 2009; 7:30pm
Audreys Books, 107st & Jasper Ave., Edmonton
Featuring Patrick M. Pilarski and Jacqueline Larson.

Huge Blue Launch Party : BOOK LAUNCH
Thursday, Sept. 17th; doors open at 7:00pm
The Kasbar Lounge, below Yianni's Taverna
10444 - Whyte Ave, Edmonton, Alberta

44th Avenue Troubadour Series : READING
28 May 2009, 7pm (Edmonton)

The Cafe Readings : READING
26 April 2009, 2:00pm-3:00pm (Java Express Cafe)
Part of PO Fest: the 2009 Edmonton Poetry Festival

One Breath: A Timeless Hour of Zen Poetry : READING
26 April 2009, 10:45am-12:00pm (Shanti Yoga Studio)
Part of PO Fest: the 2009 Edmonton Poetry Festival

Master Class Reading : READING
25 April 2009, 1:30-3:00pm (Stanley A. Milner Library, Room 6-27)
Part of PO Fest: the 2009 Edmonton Poetry Festival

PO Fest: the 2009 Edmonton Poetry Festival : READINGS
April 23-26, 2009 (Edmonton)

Notebook Magazine 8 Launch : READING
27 Feb. 2009, 8-11pm (The Artery, Edmonton)

Poets' Haven Series : READING
27 Oct., 2008, 7-9pm; The Halloween Edition (Host)
(Upper Crust Cafe, 109th St. & 86th Ave, Edmonton)

Edmonton Poetry Festival 2008 : READINGS
Revenge of the Killer Blinks, Sept. 11, 2008 (The Artery, Jasper Ave.)
The Cafe Readings, Sept. 13, 2008 (Stanley Milner Library)
The Cafe Readings, Sept. 13, 2008 (HOST: Three Bananas Cafe)
The Poetry Sweatshop, Sept. 13, 2008 (Jekyll & Hyde Pub)
(Full EPF2008 Schedule)

Occupied (Basic Acid Theatre) : PLAY
August 14-24, 2008 (Edmonton Fringe Festival)

Other Voices Launch : READING
May 15, 2008 (Axis Cafe, Jasper Ave.)

The Mikado (Sherard) : MUSICAL
Feb. 22 - Mar. 1, 2008 (More Information)
(Festival Place, Sherwood Park)

Fait Accomplit Launch Party : READING
16 November 2007, 7:30pm (Deweys, U of A Campus)

Poets' Haven Series : READING
29 Oct., 2007, 7-9pm; The Halloween Edition (Host)
(Upper Crust Cafe, 109th St. & 86th Ave, Edmonton)

Coffee Lines : READING
23 Sept., 2007, 2:00pm (Edmonton Poetry Festival)
(Java Express, 10355 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton)

Small Words, Big Moments : READING
22 Sept., 2007, 2-4pm (Edmonton Poetry Festival)
DailyHaiku journal launch and haiku workshop;
(Cafe Select Southside, 109th St. & 85th Ave, Edmonton)

The Fabulous Leprechaun Burlesque (Roar LitCrawl) : READING
21 Sept., 2007, 8:00pm (The Roar / EPF)
(Three Bananas, Chruchill Sq., Edmonton)

CORTEX: a multidisciplinary event : READING / ART
18 Sept., 2007, 7:00pm (Edmonton Poetry Festival)
(Latitude 53, 10248-106th St., Edmonton)

Return of the Killer Blinks : READING
17 Sept., 2007, 7:00pm (Edmonton Poetry Festival)
(City Arts Center, 109th St. & 84th Ave, Edmonton)

El Muchacho (Sherard) : MUSICAL
17–27 August, 2007 (Edmonton Fringe Festival)

Five Weeks Launch Party : READING
25 July, 2007, 8:00pm (Kasbar Lounge, Edmonton)

Fait Accomplit Launch Party : READING
01 June 2007, 7:00pm (RATT in SUB, U of A Campus)

Saint's, Snakes & Shamrocks : READING
17 March 2007, 7:00pm, St. Patty's Day Poetry Jam
(Hulbert's, 7601-115 St. Edmonton)

Gypsy: a musical fable (Sherard) : MUSICAL
22 Feb. - 02 Mar., 2007 (Festival Place, Sherwood Park)

Intercourse: love poems & other chemical imbalances : READING — 07 February 2007, 7:00pm
(La Boheme Tango Lounge, 6427-112 Ave.)

Poet's Haven Reading Series : READING
30 October 2006, 7:00pm (Upper Crust Cafe, 86 Ave. 109 St.)

Finer Noble Gases (Basic Acid Theatre) : PLAY
17-27 August 2006 (2006 Edmonton Fringe Festival)

The Rasp and the Wine: Cover Version : READING
27 June 2006, 7:30pm (The Underdog, 10425, Whtye Ave.)