Theatrical Experience


Pirates on the Fringe The Baker's Wife Finer Noble Gases

Selected Recent Roles

The Mikado : Ko-ko the High Executioner
(Sherard, Edmonton, AB, 2008)

Occupied : Simon
(Basic Acid Theatre, Edmonton Fringe Festival, AB, 2008)

Gypsy: a musical fable : Dance Chorus, Yonkers
(Sherard, Edmonton, AB, 2007)

El Muchacho : Male Chorus
(Sherard, Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2007)

Finer Noble Gases : Chase
(Basic Acid Theatre, Edmonton Fringe Festival, AB, 2006)

Fiddler on the Roof : Perchik
(E.L.O.P.E., AB, 2006)

Pirates on the Fringe : Pirate
(Sherard, Edmonton Fringe Festival, 2005)

Cabaret : Sailor
(Vanier Musical Prod., BC, 2004)

The Baker's Wife : Phillipe
(Vanier Musical Prod., BC, 2003)

Endgame : Ham
(UBC Project Work, 2002)

Fiddler on the Roof : The Fiddler/Russian
(Vanier Musical Prod., BC, 2002)

Little Shop of Horrors : Customer
(Vanier Musical Prod., BC, 2001)

Crazy for You : Eugene Fodor
(Vanier Musical Prod., BC, 2000)

Everyman / Everywoman : Death
(MCHS, AHSD Festival, AB, 1999)

Other Theatrical Adventures

Occupied : Managing Producer
(Basic Acid Theatre, 2008)

Finer Noble Gases : Managing Producer
(Basic Acid Theatre, 2006)

Cabaret : Lighting Designer
(Vanier Musical Productions, 2004)

The Baker's Wife : Properties Manager
(Vanier Musical Productions, 2003)

Fiddler on the Roof : Producer
(Vanier Musical Productions, 2002)